Bitumen waterproofing membranes

Our bitumen waterproofing membranes are widely used in civil engineering as well as in building . They are used to perform waterproofing of flat roofs and roof gardens underground facilities where there is moisture , underground water pressure, and leads . Depending on the composition and purpose there are several types , including: SBS modified bitumen waterproofing membranes (BIKUTOP), APP modified bitumen waterproofing membranes (BIMPLAST) and others .

Elastomeric bituminous pastes and diluted bitumen

Bituminous paste BIMIZOL is a one-component homogeneous coating based on bitumen, polymer, solvents and fillers .It is used with cold-applied method and is used for waterproofing of flat roofs , bathrooms , renovation of old waterproofing and more. Diluted bitumen is used as a base coat ( primer) for metal , concrete and wooden surface . Bituminous adhesive for parquet is suitable for fixing all types of flooring. ALUMINOBIT is a bituminous paint which is used as a final reflective coating of waterproofing of flat roofs.

Industrial bitumen and bituminous mass for hot-applied method

Industrial bitumen and bituminous mass are used for sealing all types of concrete , metal and wood joints, waterproofing of steel pipelines , tanks , pipes, flooring and so on. They are used in all types of surface and underground waterproofing.

Bitumen products for roads

Bitumen products for roads are used in civil engineering for road construction . These include polymer modified bitumen for making different types of asphalt mixes, bitumen for hot asphalt mixtures and waterproofing of bridge construction .Also we prepare anionic ,cationic and polymer emulsions , diluted bitumen as a base coat , products for concrete ,asphalt and metal joints.

Bitumen roof shingle

Bitumen shingle is a roof cover with a pad of fiberglass coated on both sides with a special bituminous mass. It applies to cover all types of pitch roofs with slopes between 10 and 85 degrees .Top surface of the shingle is sprinkled with fine slate in different colors ( red , green , blue and brown ) and the shingle has different forms (honeycomb, hexagon, tile and rectangular).