Nowadays, BIM a.d. Sveti Nikole is the only factory in the Republic of Macedonia that is producing waterproofing materials based on bitumen. It covers an area of approximately 8.5 hectares and has a range of over 100 products that are widely used in construction, both in civil engineering and in building. The wide range of product includes high quality bituminous waterproofing membranes, polymer modified bitumen, bituminous masses, diluted bitumen, oxidized bitumen, bituminous pastes and putties, bituminous emulsion, bituminous shingle etc. In addition to this, on the customers’ request, products that have a particular quality and special use are also produced. We have a warehouse for bitumen with capacity of 3,500 tons and sheltered warehouse for various types of bituminous products and raw materials. A special attention is paid to the development program, i.e. finding new technologies and new products that follow the market trends and the needs of the construction industry; therefore BIM has its own laboratory.

  BIM a.d. Sveti Nikole is paying a great attention to the innovation continuously. Thus, in 1994 BIM a.d. Sveti Nikole has received a Diploma from the Board for Innovation held on the occasion the 14th Innovation Exhibition in the Republic of Macedonia.In 1995, graduated. Eng. Stojanche Stojanov, current Chairman of the Board of Directors in BIM a.d. Sveti Nikole, has received a Diploma for achieving of high results in the field of innovation and technical advancements by the Economic Chamber of the Republic of Macedonia. In 2002 he was proclaimed a Manager of the Year, while in 2014 he was awarded with Certificate of Gratitude from the Macedonian Association of Road Engineers.

  Guided by the desire to meet the needs of our business partners, BIM a.d. Sveti Nikole is constantly introducing new products, whereas the most of them are made in our laboratory. For their own products, BIM a.d. Sveti Nikole possesses a certificate of quality from domestic and foreign institutions. Since 1998, BIM a.d.Sveti Nikole has been ISO-9001 certified.

  We are an export-oriented company, thus the most part of our products are exported. Therefore, except in the Republic of Macedonia, products of BIM a.d. Sveti Nikole are built in facilities in Austria, Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, Iraq, Libya, the former Yugoslavia (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Croatia), Poland, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, Czech Republic and other countries.

  Furthermore, BIM a.d. Sveti Nikole besides a production company is also a socially responsible company that continuously helps local infrastructure with donations for sports associations, donations to churches, sick people and pensioners, donations for various cultural events, seminars, Macedonian Association of Road Engineers, research papers of individuals, NGOs etc.