IBIT 85/25

Description:industrial oxidized bitumen
Produced according:EN 13305
Packing:polyethylene bags ~ 30 kg
Softening point after PK:80-90 °C
Penetration at 25 °C:20-30 1/10 mm
Point of stiffness after Frass:≤ -10 °C
Solubility in toluene:≥ 99.0 % m/m
Weight loss:≤ 0.5 % m/m
Density at 25 °C:≥ 1000 kg/m3
Flash point:≥ 250 °C
Purpose:for waterproofing by a hot method for bonding of bituminous membranes by a hot method, etc.
Application:in a hot method applied with a brush